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29th of October – 2nd of November 2021
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C   T   A O   M B S

M O  N O TY P   ES

They were all dying the same way. People just started wordlessly rolling over and passing away as one would close a book with a disappointing ending. Heart attacks, AVC , the good old noose or even Lymphogioleiomyomatosis had become a thing of the past. Forensics was bared down to burocracy as toes were simply tagged before incineration.

Ambiant Soundscape I : Exhale
Computer program composition made up of sound synthesis and samples

Cata I

Cata II

Doctors traded in their white jackets for yellow ones, and protested down panic stricken streets. The police, the army and politicians followed suit . Truth had it they all needed the wide variety of deaths life has to offer to carry out their duties.

Cata III

There were no patients to be cured, no enemies to kill, no murderers to arrest so governments didn’t make very much sense any more either . Officials lined up for wellfare. The strikes made history. The world erupted into anarchy

A   S      M R   I E D   I

G O  A C   H E

From chaos, a fascist sect sets forth to bring guidance to lawless citizens. They have come to preach death politeness and educate according to its etiquette. Impolite deaths are banned. Proper deaths were documented in a book titled "The Art of Dying," also known as the "Ars Moriendi". It told the tale of all sorts of long-lost ways of leaving this world, a guide of departure skills that had been forgotten. The guide is widely accepted, carried out, and celebrated by the people.

Bored to Death
R   S      E         S   T E N   B   U   R   G
Waited for a call

Death Sentence
T   I      S A N         G  O D O   Y
Involontary martyr

Sudden Death
S   E     E E         K  I N
One step too far

Lonely Death
A   N     O D         B  E R  D S L E  Y
Didn't see him go

Read to Death
T   E     O          M I L  T O  N
Yet another book he won't finish

M   M   E T   O       M R I

O   I L  

17th century Vanitas paintings were in vogue. Skulls and still-lives painted to humble spectators before mortality and so convert them to rightiousness. These adorn shrines raised in the honor of their god, Death itself. Desciples bowed down and muttered "Death" before them over and over until, for the most devout, it occurred.

Ambiant Soundscape II : The Great Dive
Second part of the computer generated sounds thtat were programmed live

Vanitas I
S  E G     I O            R O A  N I I

Nicknamed «The self-taught man », Sergio was
found delved into page 283 of a copy of ‘ Knitting
for Dummies’ that he never got out of. Word was it he
had read the library’s entire collection from A to K

Vanitas II
J   N     E          M A E  R

Died alongside the 183 tropical plants
that she shared a studio apartment with.

Vanitas III
G   O     R G    E          K A N

His bodyparts were found spread out across
his workshop. Lodged between the vice grip,
his hand was still clutching a circular saw

In the name of the Grimm Reaper, come cross the Styx to escape the average death that is your destiny. countless possibilities await you, it can take a lifetime to make up your mind. Don’t you think it's time to give it some thought ? Remember Death… Memento Mori

S   N      T A      M U R   T E

M O  N O TY P   E

Ambiant Soundscape III : Last words

Visitors were asked to share their last words into a microphone. These were drowned out with filters and randomly integrated into the sounds being played.

* * *


* * *

Mars 2021
Pointless Inventions

In a future not so far away, art had become useless. To be quite frank, it had become ridiculously stupid, and so it was cast aside at last to privledge pastoral lifestyles of calm simplicity. Our cultural heritage was reduced to a handfull of state produced Netfliks series and elevator music filled the air.

This New World Order suited most people well, so it just made sense for them to gather together and gleefully burn books (an excellent fuel). Life was good. That's when the virus popped up. This extremely contageous pandemic started turning everyone it contaminated into mindless, brain-eating zombies.

Only culture can save the world. Engineers worldwide stepped up to the call by quitting their jobs and giving art a try. Yet their efforts were all impeded by the fact that no one could say what art really was. "What exactly is art ?" Pietor Sccrivovich, relativity reactor designer, develops a theory that unites all art under one definition : "art is useless." .  Eureka! Engineers worldwide began to think up how to invent something useless, pointless to the point of no longer being an invention, but actually becoming a work of art .

Come discover the wild machines that they made, including :

� The Mouth Exerciser
� The Existentialisator
� The Job Creator

…and much more at the 2021 Pointless Invention Seminar, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of March at the Asile 404.

◆Take-away virgin cocktails, beer and cakes not to be taken away too far

◆Sunday – Dispensable Poems II, poetry improvisation

6 players max.
Health regulations enforced. People showing symptoms of zombie-mindlessness will not be let in.

A Pataphysical artshow signed by yours-truely, « Le Point d’Orgue »

Mouth Exerciser
Acrylic - January 2021

Instructions :

A wind powered helix rotates gears that shift thanks to a « speed » button. The momentum is tranformed to electricity by a generator that powers a brain with more or less intensity.

The helix also blows air into a human vocal apparatus. Electronic pistons contract the bodyparts involved in making sounds. The pistons are activated by captors placed around the brain to detect appropriate brainwaves.

A megaphone is used to amplify whatever sounds are generated.

The sounds produced by The Mouth Exerciser :

Acrylique - Janvier 2021


  Atomic disentigration is measured with a Geiger counter. Past " N ", the counter frees the Destinies (Greek myths) that cut the string that teathered a clock’s pendulum.

When the clock strikes "T", a hand triggers a mousetrap that swings a hammer with it.

The hammer breaks a flask of poison hemlock in a box. Is the cat hiding in the box poisoned?  To be or not to be, that is the question.

Marie Curie, in charge of watching over the "Schrodinger’s cat" experiment be available to go to bed with Einstein only once the answer comes to light. This is how a new life is conceived.

Acrylic -
A twist on an invention described in Froth on the Daydream, a book written by Boris Vian , a precursor of pointless inventing.

A keyboard that sings out cocktail ingredients to be ordered at the bar

The Job Creator
Acrylic - February 2021
Uselessness isn't only reserved for machines. Let's find pointless tasks to get people to work !

Inventions under development
How these are supposed to work is still being figured out.

Computer generated machine sounds ( Algorithmic Pure Data composition)

* * *

Situation post-apocalyptique 1:

Gravure survivaliste, voilà à quoi nous serons réduits une fois que le monde sera téléchargeable. J'ai réalisé des estampes de A à Z pendant le premier confinement à partir de déchets récupérés. J'ai ensuite profité de la liberté provisoire pour exposer mes œuvres et montrer aux autres comment eux aussi pouvaient faire. Comme un deuxième confinement a été instauré, j'ai dû annoncer l'évènement comme une "vente d'autocollants en gros" en espérant rentrer dans la légalité de la vente d'artisanat. Les gravures étaient présentées sur du papier autocollant.

* * *

Grossiste d'autocollants artisanaux,
décembre 2020

L'Asile profite de ce moment de liberté relative pour revenir dans vos vies avec une super expo de gravure interactive :

Max Texier, spécialiste de la gravure DIY investit nos murs toute la semaine - avec sa presse - pour vous accueillir, venez échanger avec lui sur cette pratique passionnante, découvrir ses oeuvres et même imprimer vos créations !

▆ ▇ ▉ Expo ▉ ▇ ▆

Autocollants gravures et eaux-fortes “maison”.
Série de paysages histoire de changer d’air.

▆ ▇ ▉ Permanence d’Impression ▉ ▇ ▆

Fais un dessin ou écris quelque chose puis copie-le de façon à ce que chaque reproduction soit unique.
Je mets à disposition ma presse, des outils et des supports que j’ai bricolés à partir de récup. Alors viens faire à peu près ce que tu veux et je l’imprimerai avec ma presse fait maison. Comme ça tu verras comment on peut publier n’importe quoi sans devoir le demander à qui que ce soit.

▆ ▇ ▉ Vente de créations à petits prix ▉ ▇ ▆

Les fameux Autocollants Artisanaux
13 linogravures - Mars 2020

Eaux-fortes - Juin 2020

Le Fil
Fil d'actualité en chaire et en os. Les passants pouvaient produire une gravure sur brique de lait qui était imprimée avec une presse de ma fabrication.

Une presse-mobile :

Presse à estampes qui peut être démontée et déplacée. Elle est conçue à partir de pièces de chemin de fer délaissées.
Vos créations :


"A quoi tu penses quand tu regardes dans le vide?"
proposition de réponse
Cliquer pour agrandir

* * *
Situation post-apocalyptique #2 :

Janvier, rien n'a changé. A force on se demande à quoi ressemblera l'art qui ne se renouvelle pas. Peut-être que l'avant-garde d'aujourd'hui n'est que le démodé d'hier. Que c'était mieux avant, le papier peint, les portraits d'animaux de compagnie mignons... L'art comme passe-temps - plus kitch que kitch.

* * *
14 - 19 janvier

Expo collective/vente de gel hydroalcoolique :

L’essence du kitch, ce terme indéfinissable et pourtant omniprésent, explicité par le biais de représentations de nos chers compagnons, les animaux. Des artistes marseillais se sont rassemblés pour apporter un dialogue autour de l’expression « trop c’est trop ».

Atelier en continu de portraiture d’animaux de compagnie :

Venez donc apprendre à faire le portrait de votre animal de compagnie préféré. Des maîtres du kitch seront sur place pour vous montrer comment s’entêter dans le même élan furieux que celui qui a su produire les pires œuvres de l’histoire.

Marché aux punaises de lits :

Une sélection raffinée de curiosités, bidules et extravagances, où chacun trouve son bonheur.

Bingo du samedi - 16 janvier à 16h :

Ne vous laissez pas abattre, la chance est peut-être au coin de la rue.

Acrylique - Janvier 2021

Aigle Ours Loup dans l'Espace

Budda-Jah II - Révélation

Marché aux punaises de lit
Installation collaborative d'artistes du coin
Ma contribution:
Aquarelle - Décembre 2020
Des postes de création kitch pour les enfants - paillettes et fluos à disposition.
Le chant arc-en-ciel
Acrylique - produit pendant l'expo